During the World Congress of Marketing - Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group (IMP) - in Kolding, Denmark it was officially announced that the 32nd annual meeting will be held in Poznań.  The organising committee consists of Prof. Krzysztof Fonfara, Prof. Zygmunt Waśkowski and Dr. Milena Ratajczak-Mrozek.

The event is a result of a considerable effort made by the Department of International Marketing and the Department of Marketing Strategies of Poznan University of Economics and Business over many years. It is also a significant distinction because Poland is the second country in Central and Eastern Europe (with Hungary) where the conference will be held.

The Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group (IMP) brings together leading scientists from around the world its main representatives being Håkan Håkansson, Ivan Snehota, Lars-Gunnar Mattsson, David Ford and Alexandra Waluszewski.

The Congress which will be organised from 30.08 - 03.09.2016 at the Poznań University of Economics and Business will involve more than 250 guests from over 20 countries.

The organisers’ intention is to create a forum for the exchange of ideas, views and experiences on issues of business networks and interactions between actors occurring on the market. The theme of the World Congress of Marketing - 2016 IMP Poznan - will be a dynamic transformation of markets, networks and relationships, which is reflected, amongst other things, in the emergence of new business models, creating innovation, changes in the existing strategies of companies and many other aspects of business activity.

The conference also includes a Business Day and a Doctoral Colloquium. A Business Day offers the opportunity to meet representatives of leading Polish companies who will present effective ways of managing business networks from the perspective of their own companies.  The Doctoral Colloquium is an opportunity for young scientists to obtain valuable advice and guidance regarding the preparation of a doctoral dissertation, which will be given by specialists from the world of science during workshops and interactive sessions.

Detailed information can be found on  http://www.imp2016.com/