Poznan University of Economics and Business is constantly developing its English-language study programmes and is showing a dynamic increase in the number of students from abroad.

For the academic year 2017/2018 we have accepted a total of 105 foreigners from 45 countries. A group of PUEB students consists of representatives of almost all continents.

The lectures conducted by PUEB academic teachers will include students from Nepal, China, Singapore, Iran, Lebanon, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Germany, USA, Australia, Mexico, Tunisia, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Georgia.

There are total of 185 foreigners studying at the moment. This year's result of the recruitment process is a strong proof of progress towards the goal of internationalization of UEP.

At present, we offer 4 English courses: Finance, Financial Engineering, Product & Process Management  and Innovation Management.

We also have 2 English language specializations within the Polish language - International Management on Emerging Markets and International Business.