The opening of the post-competition exhibition of posters by students of the Poznan University of the Arts (UAP), under the patronage of the Rectors of PUEB and UAP, was hosted already for the eight time by the PUEB Days.


This year the students aimed to artistically interpret the theme of “Budget gap, i.e. public finance deficit”. The motive possesses both cognitive and expressive attributes. The first relate to the promotion of economic knowledge about the sources of financing public expenses and the dangers caused by the existence of permanent and widening imbalance between income and the expenses in question. The latter attribute pertains to the artistic means of expression, that is the concept of graphic representation of this imbalance, or gap – explains Professor Piotr Banaszyk, PhD, Full Professor at the PUEB, the initiator of the competition.


The Educational Centre of Electronic Services hosted the exhibition of twenty-five works by young artists. The best posters were selected by the jury consisting of the following honourable members:

  • Professor Piotr Banaszyk, PhD, Full Professor at the PUEB
  • Professor Anna Gliszczyńska-Świgło, PhD, Associate Professor at the PUEB, Vice-Rector for Education and Students
  • Professor Marian Gorynia, PhD, Full Professor at the PUEB
  • Professor Wojciech Hora, PhD, Full Professor at the UAP – Rector of the UAP
  • Professor Jacek Jagielski, PhD, Full Professor at the UAP
  • Professor Eugeniusz Skorwider, PhD, Full Professor
  • Jędrzej Solarski – Deputy President of Poznan
  • Professor Maciej Żukowski, PhD, Full Professor at the PUEB - Rector of the PUEB

Prizes were awarded to:

  • For the first place: Ewelina Zimowska, the prize of PLN 1,500
  • For the second place: Emil Michalczewski, the prize of 1,000
  • For the third place: Monika Balcerowicz, the prize of PLN 500

Distinctions were awarded to: Olga Mularczyk and Zuzanna Ossowska.


The opening of the exhibition is the outcome of the long-lasting cooperation between the Poznan University of Economics and Business and the University of the Arts in Poznan. The very concept of artistic representation of economic themes in the form of a poster originated eight years ago. The occasion was marked by the publication of an album presenting all works submitted during the eight editions of the competition. 

All works submitted to the eight edition of the competition