• you are interested in product and process’ design and management,
  • you can design a product, but you do not know how to sell it,
  • you can sell a product, but you do not know how to design it,
  • you take care about the natural environment and the sustainability,
  • you want to join a new generation of T-shaped engineers and to be a green collar.



  • the unique, interdisciplinary and internationally recognized program of studies prepared and reviewed by national and international experts in economy and technical and natural science,
  • a degree of engineer, as unique at the Poznań University of Economics and Business.


Our program encompasses both general and specialised knowledge in the field of product & process management with the focus on sustainability and also environmental aspects. It combines elements of natural, technical, economic and other social sciences. Thanks to the interdisciplinary character of studies, our students will be equipped with current, practical and multidisciplinary knowledge.

They will know how to understand varied processes dealing with environmental aspects of creation and assessment of product quality. They will be prepared for solving different problems of contemporary organisations and making ecologically responsible decisions. The program enables students to understand the importance of environment aspects of contemporary business realities. Participants will also learn how to effectively implement that knowledge in organisation realities.