Summer School "International Economics and the Future of Globalization" (6 ECTS)
Duration: from 2nd September to 14th September 2019
Who can apply: Bachelor students of economics, business administration or political science starting their third year or starting a master program in winter 2019
The summer school covers an introduction as well as two parts.
The introduction will last two days with an integration into the Polish university system. Moreover,  classes on basics in Polish language in order to get around and becoming acquainted with Polish history, politics, economics and culture.
Part 1 is a primer in international economics, based on the French textbook as well as on Paul Krugman’s textbook of International Economics and the book of Hanno Beck “Globalisierung & Aussenwirtschaft”
Part 2 will focus on a seminar of scenario planning with the topic “Europe in a globalized world 2040”. Students will get to know the method of scenario planning and use this method of looking into different futures by referring to the specific scenario of Europe in a globalized world in 2040