One of the most important activities of PUEB, next to education and research, is cooperation with the economy.

PUEB  has at its disposal technologies protected by industrial property rights and ready for commercialization, as well as knowledge which is the subject of commercialization and is ready for it. Technologies are protected by national and international patents, while knowledge can be commercialized in the following areas: research results, the possibility of implementing the results in practice, areas of expertise, the potential for commissioned research.

PUEB as one of the first universities in Poland introduced the Terms and Conditions for the use of results of intellectual property created by PUEB staff [Senate Resolution No. 75 (2009/2010) of 1 September 2010].

The document clarifies:
  • Issues concerning PUEB employees’ right of disposal of solutions created as part of the employment relationship,
  • rules for the UEP’’s use of employees’ intellectual achievement,
  • rules for the employees’ use of results co-owned by PUEB.
PUEB undertakes numerous activities related to the transfer of technology and knowledge developed at the University.

The most recent experiment at PUEB is a project under the SPIN-TECH NCRD programme. Its result will be establishment of SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLE managing intellectual property created at the Poznan University of Economics, and commercializing the results of research and developmental work of the University.

The project’s objectives include:
  • identification and assessment of the commercialization potential of UEP’s intellectual property rights,
  • analysis of possible paths of commercialization of UEP’s intellectual property rights,
  • valuation of UEP’s intellectual property requested by business practice,
  • developing optimal legal solutions for UEP’s special purpose vehicle and its establishment.
The project team consists of: prof. Zenon Foltynowicz, Faculty of Commodity Science (Head,, Dr. Aleksandra Szulczewska-Remi, Faculty of Management ( and Dr. Jakub Jasiczak, Faculty of Commodity Science (

In May 2012 the internet platform INNOPENA ( was launched as a result of a developmental project funded by NCRD. It was designed to make it easier for companies to find and share innovative solutions for their industrial and commercial activities.
The project manager is prof. Romuald Zalewski, Faculty of Commodity Science (

PUEB was involved in the establishment of Wielkopolska Center for Advanced Technologies - an investment project of the whole scientific community of the city of Poznan. It is coordinated by the A. Mickiewicz University and co-financed under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy. A result of this project will be multidisciplinary center assembling the best specialists in fields of exact, life and technological sciences.

PUEB is also a partner in the Wiellkopolska Innovation Platform, implemented by the Department of Agriculture and Economic Activity of Poznań City Hall, in collaboration with the scientific community of Wielkopolska. It involves 7 Poznan universities and 4 institutes.

People interested in cooperation can use the country’s biggest database of offers, regional research institutions, check the news concerning strategic documents (regional, national and European), research activity in the region or entrepreneurs’ demand.

Promoter of Academic Entrepreneurship at the University of Economics in Poznan is Dr. Arkadiusz Kawa from the Faculty of Management (

Furthermore, cooperation between science and economy and the commercialization of research results are also actively promoted by the winners of MSHE program’ Top 500 Innovators’:
  • Prof.. Zenon Foltynowicz, PUEB (FCS)
  • Dr. Aleksandra Szulczewska-Remi (FM)
  • Dr.Wojciech Kozak (FCS)
  • Dr. Maciej Pietrzykowski (FIE)
  • MSc. Dariusz Walczak (PhD student at FIEE)
Additionally, the following units support cooperation between science and business:
Centre for Research and Commodity Quality Expertise
PUEB Foundation
PUEB Foundation Consulting office

Valuable information concerning the management of scientific research and the commercialization of research results, both from the scientists and the entrepreneurs and people of business is also provided by the RESEARCHER’S PORTAL ( financed by the NCRD. It is a joint initiative of the University of Economics in Poznan and the DGA SA Company.

The portal consists of 4 main sections (articles, lectures, e-seminars and e-courses). It was designed to improve the skills of academic staff from universities, scientific units and research and development centers from the whole country.

PUEB's representative in this project is Dr. Jakub Jasiczak from the Faculty of Commodity Science (