Studies conducted at PUEB are interdisciplinary and mostly derive from business practice.
Their effects are process, product, organizational and marketing innovations, giving a competitive advantage to business entities using them.
Close cooperation with research partners in the country and abroad ensures the highest level of research and strong links with business practice define the utilitarian research direction. Keeping up with evolving challenges requires flexibility.

Scientific activity conducted by the academic staff is possible thanks to, among others, projects generating commercialization opportunities.
In the years 2010-12 approximately 550 research projects were implemented at UEP:
• funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, National Science Centre, National Centre for Research and Development,
• implemented within the VI and VII EU FP and other international programmes,
• carried out in cooperation with companies from various industries (over 60 projects, including the implementation of innovative technologies, IT and modern consumer electronic in High Tech products).

Currently, the most technologically advanced research is conducted by the Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy.

The scope of studies includes:
  • design and implementation of management information systems,
  • development and implementation of the latest techniques and technologies for storage and transfer of information,
  • e-economy,
  • knowledge management,
  • computer support of management decisions,
  • micro- and macro-economic use of modern mathematical, statistical and econometric tools,
  • basic research in the field of optimization of economic decisions, programming, and mathematical economics.
The research results of the Faculty are highly valued by domestic and foreign research centers and business practice, as evidenced by numerous awards and honors, as well as the fact that many scientists of the academic staff of the Faculty are also members of prestigious national and international research groups, editorial boards of scientific publications, consulting companies, consortia and expert groups.

The Faculty of Management is one of the largest management faculties in Poland.
Research carried out at the FM concerns the most important problems of Polish, European and world economy.
The Faculty is strongly related with business practice, which is reflected by, among others, preparations of expert opinions, analyses and studies commissioned by business entities, units of government, judicial institutions, etc.
Most of the students preparing BSc. or MSc. theses do their internships in companies and institutions associated with the economy. This way, the theoretical knowledge gained during the studies can be combined with practical skills.

The Faculty of Commodity Science is the largest center for education of highly qualified specialists in the field of development and quality protection of products and services.
Research conducted by the Faculty includes:
  • theoretical and empirical analysis of the problems of economic fluctuations,
  • product and brand management,
  • industrial marketing,
  • technology and instrumental analysis,
  • environment protection,
  • ecology of industrial products.
Scientists of the FCS are known for their outstanding achievements (publications on ISI Master Journal List), industrial implementations, and numerous patents.