Poznan University of Economics and Business is one of the largest and most respected business schools in Poland.
UEP conducts its scientific activity in 49 departments forming 5 faculties:

  • Faculty of Economics - 13 departments
  • Faculty of International Business and Economics- 8 departments
  • Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy- 7 departments
  • Faculty of Commodity Science - 7 departments
  • Faculty of Management - 14 departments

Academic staff of the University consists of over 530 teachers, including 50 professors and more than 80 associate professors.

Research activities of the University cover a wide area of scientific research, focusing on six fields:
  • economics,
  • finance,
  • international economy,
  • informatics,
  • management sciences,
  • commodity science
PUEB academics are involved in research (in the years 2010-12 approximately 550 projects) in the form of:
  • statutory research tasks within the subject area of departments,
  • research and development projects, funded directly by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, National Science Centre, National Centre for Research and Development, and other institutions,
  • international research projects, including those implemented within the European Union Framework Programmes,
  • jobs and projects commissioned by domestic and foreign business entities.