Elżbieta Szwejk
Head of Research and International Relations Office
e-mail: elzbieta.szwejk@ue.poznan.pl
tel. 61 856-93-80 (room 224A)

Katarzyna Jakubiak 
Deputy Head of Research and International Relations Office
e-mail: katarzyna.jakubiak@ue.poznan.pl
tel. 61 856-93-65 (room 218A)

Marta Pikies 
Contact for incoming exchange students
e-mail: marta.pikies@ue.poznan.pl 
tel. 61 856-93-66 (room 218A)

supported by Assistant responsible for incoming exchange students
Klaudia Kaczmarek
e-mail: incoming.exchange@fnc.ue.poznan.pl
(room 218A)

Aleksandra Dajerling
Contact for outgoing students bilateral exchange and Erasmus+ placements, arrivals / departures of employees
under the Erasmus + program partner countries KA107
e-mail: aleksandra.dajerling@ue.poznan.pl
tel. 61 856-93-64 (room 221A)

Monika Małek
Contact for outgoing students Erasmus+ - mobility for studies
e-mail: monika.malek@ue.poznan.pl
tel. 61 856-93-64 (room 221 A)

Lucyna Radwańska
Erasmus +: finance and staff mobility qualification
e-mail: lucyna.radwanska@ue.poznan.pl
tel. 61 856-93-65 (room 218A)