University Governance

Vice-Rector for Finance and Development - Sławomir Kalinowski

Professor Sławomir Kalinowski, PhD
Vice-Rector for Finance and Development, Associate Professor of the PUEB

Educational background
  • 2009 – assistant professor of economics, Faculty of Management, the Poznań University of Economics and Business, postdoctoral thesis on Competition or cooperation. Experimental studies of the functioning of markets
  • 1998 – doctor of economics, Faculty of Management, the Poznań Academy of Economics, PhD thesis entitled Employee share ownership under the conditions of modern Polish economy
  • 1988 – master of economics, Faculty of Economics and Turnover, the Poznań Academy of Economics
Functions performed at the PUEB:

Vice-Chancellor for Finance and Development, Member of PUEB Senate, President of the Programme Board at the Open University of Economics ERGA OMNES for 2016-2020 term of office, President of the Chancellorial Instrumentation Committee, President of the PUEB-CEM Board, President of the Chancellorial Committee for Chancellor's Awards granted to non-academic members of staff, Member of the Strategy Team for 2013-2020, Member of the Management Department Board.