Faculty of Economics

PUEB’s Faculty of Economics is one of the biggest Faculties in Poland.

Its position is built on three main areas: teaching, research and cooperation with business.

We teach on the bachelor, master, PhD and postgraduate level (including MBA) in the fields of economics, finance, social policy and law and economics.

We can award both PhD and doktor habilitowany degrees.

Polish Accreditation Committee has given positive assessment for the following fields of study: Economics and Finance and Accounting. Social policy has received an outstanding assessment by the above mentioned Committee. Foundation for the Promotion and Accreditation of Economic Education has awarded the Finance and Accounting field of study an outstanding assessment.

Research at the Faculty of Economics

Main research areas concern: economics, finance and social policy.

Our research activity is concerned with most important problems of the national and global economy and contemporary issues of social policy.

All Departments conduct statutory research, individual research and young researchers’ research and these are confronted with systematic academic meetings, the organisation of national and international conferences and most of all with scientific publications. Our research is financed by (among others) the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, The national Centre for Research and Development, the National Science Centre, the Foundation for Polish Science, Poznań City Hall, EU and by business.

Faculty and infrastructure

The Faculty of Economics employs experienced faculty and has modern laboratories, keeps in touch with foreign partner universities and participates in international Staff and research exchange programmes.

We employ 120 faculty members, 16 of them have the title of a professor.

With this potential we offer cooperation with business in areas such as: economic, social and financial policy, banking, insurance, public finance, regional government, food policy, HR, ethics, rural area development, national energy security and low-carbon economy in rural areas.

Our faculty use advanced statistical and analytical software (Statistica, SAS, GRETL), accounting software (Symfonia), business processes analysis software (Adonis) and software for the modelling and simulation of processes.


Experience with business partnerships and areas for potential cooperation

Our faculty participate in the workings of expert groups that prepare analyses and introduce modern solutions. The Faculty constantly deepens its international cooperation with business.

Our cooperation with business takes various forms: bilateral agreements, contract of mandate or direct cooperation with the University, Consulting Office of the PUEB Foundation or our Partners Club.

Our strong ties with business have resulted in: preparing analyses, expert opinions, market research (especially labour market research, national budget, renewable energy, banking, capital market, food economy or insurance).

Our faculty have cooperated with (among others): Chancellery of the Sejm and Senate, Marshall Office, Regional Centre of Social Policy, Committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Kompania Piwowarska, ENEA, Philips Lighting Poland, PGNiG, BZWBK, Volkswagen and many others.