Funkcje na UEP: 

- Pełnomocnik Dziekana Wydziału Towaroznawstwa ds. praktyk studenckich

- Sekretarz Wydziałowej Komisji Rekrutacyjnej

- Członek Wydziałowej Komisji ds. Pozyskiwania Funduszy Unijnych

- Członek Wydziałowej Komisji ds. Promocji Wydziału Towaroznawstwa

- Członek rozdziału środków MNiD

- Członek zespołu w projekcie PPM 2.0

- Opiekun studentów PPM2.0

Problematyka badawcza:

- zastosowanie metod spektroskopowych i chemometrycznych do oceny jakości wyrobów
- analiza olejów roślinnych

- analiza wyrobów alkoholowych

- analiza suplementów dla sportowców

- analiza kaw


Krzysztof Wójcicki is an PhD at Poznań University of Economics and Business in Poland since 2014. He works at the Department of Technology and Instrumental Analysis at the Faculty of Commodity Science.  His work center around the novel methods for quality evaluation of various food and non-food products. He is particularly interested in the field of spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis. He is an author of publications on international range in which He describes the use of spectroscopic methods coupled with chemometrics for edible oils analysis. His currently study focus on the use of absorption and emission spectroscopy to assess the quality of alcoholic beverages such as: whisky, beer and vodka. Following the trends related to active lifestyle, He undertook researches related to the quality evaluation of sports supplements. For His scientific and organizational achievements, He received the awards from the Rector of the Poznań University of Economics and Business. Currently with other academic teachers He is involved in the creation of a new international field of study at the Faculty of Commodity Science, named “Product & Process Management”.