Research is one of PUEB’s key objectives. Therefore, its research capacity incorporates more than 500 academics, active in the fields of economics, finance, international economics and business, IT, management, and commodity science. 

    In terms of publishing research papers, it is worth noticing that PUEB is a publisher of two research journals – Studia Oeconomica Posnaniensiaand the Economics and Business Review – as well as a regular publisher of monographs, books, practice-oriented materials and teaching materials. 

    Research is strictly connected to innovation, and thanks to the InnoUEP project, it was possible to  create a unique laboratory for Interdisciplinary Research, which consists of seven specialised thematic laboratories. 

    Significant is also the role of the PUEB’s Knowledge Transfer Company, which helps to commercialise research and development carried out at the University. 

    All Faculties maintain strong relations with business practices, which is reflected by many implementations of innovations and solutions generated at PUEB in business, particularly in the field of Commodity Science and Information Technologies, which is not common for other business schools in Poland and in other countries. 

    PUEB conducts its scientific activity in 48 departments forming 5 faculties: 

    • Faculty of Economics - 12 departments
    • Faculty of International Business and Economics- 8 departments
    • Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy- 7 departments
    • Faculty of Commodity Science - 7 departments
    • Faculty of Management - 14 departments
    The international development of research and PUEB researchers are key strategic goals of Poznań University of Economics and Business for 2017–2020. The realization of those goals is understood as increasing the number of publications in renowned Polish and international journals and as growth in the number of national and international grants obtained for the realization of research.

    Supporting the international development of PUEB research staff contributes to their greater mobility and to strengthening links with foreign research centers. As a result, recently the University has been entrusted with the task of organizing prestigious international scientific conferences, such as IMP, the AIELF Congress, IT&FAWETICEBIS, or e-RUM.

    In 2018 year at the Poznań University of Economics and Business the following international science conferences were organised:
    December 2018 EIBA International Business in a Transforming World – the Changing Role of States and Firms