Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Council for Integration of the Poznań Academic Community has published on the website of the College of Rectors of the City of Poznań ( next letter addressed to employees, doctoral students and students of all Poznań universities, which you can find attached.
With the previous letter, the Council started to systematically inform the academic community of Poznań about the emerging effects of the analyzes and the prospects of the planned federalisation process. The published letter entitled CREATING A FEDERATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. A LEGAL PERSPECTIVE presents the statutory conditions for this activity. At the same time, the letter initiates a discussion on the name of the federation, and the proposals contained in the letter are only a suggestion to initiate this discussion.

I encourage you to read the content of the letter and to follow the KRMP website on a regular basis.



prof. dr hab. Maciej Żukowski