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Competition: Harmony in/of Diversity

16th of November is the date of International Day for Tolerance.

According to Declaration of Principles for Tolerance, announced and signed by Member States of the United Nations in 1995, tolerance is not only respect, acceptance, and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world’s cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human, but most notably living together harmoniously in diversity. It is because of tolerance we can replace the culture of war with a culture of peace. Tolerance, not only on 16th November, means:

  • openness, respect, solidarity and acceptance of our diversity as human beings,
  • mutual understanding through active interest in the traditions and beliefs of others
  • the sharing of common ideas (Declaration of Principles for Tolerance, 1995).

We celebrate International Day for Tolerance to draw social attention to the fact that all human beings deserve respect and acceptation, regardless of culture, ethnicity, religion, world view.

How to find harmony in diversity? Where to look for harmony of diversity?

What slogan will encourage others to accept and appreciate ethnic and cultural diversity?

How to make academic community interested in  the issues of ethnic and cultural diversity in Poznań?

You have the chance to find answers to these questions by letting your imagination run free and coming up with a slogan that promotes the International Day for Tolerance, especially in the context of cultural, ethnic, religious and world view diversity.

  • The competition is run as a part of the Cultural Diversity project.
  • Time to send the APPLICATION FORM with your slogan: until 10th November, 2020, until 3:00 p.m.
  • Announcement of the winner – on 16th November, 2020, to 12:00.

Details of the Competition can be found in the Regulations.