The invention of our scientists - a nanocomposite oxygen absorber - obtained the European patent No. EP 2 658 666 B1 entitled NANOIRON-BASED OXYGEN SCAVENGERS.
The authors of the absorber are the academic teachers and graduates of the Faculty of Commodity: Professor Zenon Foltynowicz (head), PhD Wojciech Kozak, Karol Muc, Joanna Stoińska and Marta Urbańska.

The oxygen absorber for food packaging based on zero-grade iron is used to protect packaged food from the adverse effects of oxygen. It contributes to the prolongation of the product expiration date and positively influences the sensory characteristics of the product. By preventing food spoilage, the absorber reduces food waste. The revolutionary nature of the invention lies in the fact that the absorbent - unlike antioxidants - is not added directly to food. In addition, unlike the majority of oxygen absorbers on the market, it also works in anhydrous conditions, which makes it useful for dry food products.

The inventors are interested in commercializing the absorber.