IO1 New Curriculum [in the Section “Downloads”]

IO2 Content and OERs

All courses contain OERs consisting of text files, video case studies, animations.

IO3 Web-based self-assessment tool

The tool covers all topics that relate to digital competencies, like machine learning, big data analysis, Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality, business simulations, design thinking, etc.
Every student can check the own competencies and then generate a report that gives insight what kind of skills are missing. The test consists of a variety of questions to enable self-improvement of the student.

">IO4 Digital Work-place

The platform is a multiple education resource, where different types of materials and interactive resources can be found. Besides the OERs and tests developed within this particular project, there are other resources coming from different sources. Among them there are quizzes, case studies and various further investigation materials.

IO5 Company check-ups [in the Section “Downloads”]

Company check-ups is an activity planned for practical verification of developed solutions, materials, and methodology. Students will be sent to companies to test whether the OERs developed and shared knowledge is correct and up-to-date. Students will also check to what extent the solutions and elements of the program are applied in contemporary companies, in particular from the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises.