1. Education

Higher education, doctor engineer of economics

2. Professional experience

From 09.2014 Faculty of Commodity Science, Department of Industrial Products Quality and Ecology
From 08.2015 PUEB Knowledge Transfer Company, New Product Development Center, Managing Partner for Industrial Products

3. Types of classes taught

Commodity of industrial products
Technology and Packaging Production Engineering
Fundamentals of plastics processing
Degradable materials
Innovation in packaging
Cosmetics packaging
Packaging design
Safety of food contact materials

4. Research areas

Key words: packaging materials, plastic, paper, innovations, biodegradable materials, active and intelligent packaging, safety of food contact materials and legal requirements, development of new food and industrial products, assessment of the quality of products and packaging, labeling, opinions on innovation, expertise, laboratory tests of industrial products, packaging and packaging materials
Topics of the seminar: safety of food packaging, plastic packaging, paper packaging, sensory analysis of food packaging, legal requirements

5. Selected publications
Sielicka, M., Assman, K., 2016, Consumer attitudes towards conventional and eco-friendly disposable dishes , Environment & Technology in Business 2016
Ankiel, M., Assman, K., 2016, Economic and Environmental Aspects of Product Management w: dr hab. inż., Alina Matuszak-Flejszman, prof. nadzw. UEP (red.), Product and Process Management - Economic and Environmental Aspects in Organization., Poznan University of Economics
Wróblewski, P., Assman, K., Walenciak, M., 2017, Communication value of food packaging labels in the light of the requirements of regulation 1169/2011, VII International Scientific Conference on Logistics
Assman, K., 2017, Biodegradable polymers - examples of applications in: Tomasz Klepka (ed.), Modern polymer materials and their processing. Part 3, Politechnika Lubelska
Assman, K., Czarnecka-Komorowska, D., 2017, Thermal Analysis of Selected Biodegradable Packaging Materials Impact of Gamma Radiation w: Mariusz Tichoniuk (red.), Current trends in Commodity Science: Non-Food Products Quality and Safety