Department of Education and Personnel Development


The history of the Department of Education and Personnel Development has always been inseparably linked with the history of the Interfaculty Pedagogical Department. It dates back to 1963, when the Ministry of Higher Education established an independent unit for the education of teachers of economic subjects and for training young academic teachers at the university. The scientific development of the staff, the expansion of educational offer for full time and extramural studies, the increasing number of research projects conducted in the Department, and, most importantly, the vision of the Head of the Department – Prof. Aldona Andrzejczak – all contributed to the establishment of a new department at the Faculty of Economics. On 1 September 2002, the Department of Education and Personnel Development was founded. It was an interdisciplinary scientific and teaching unit focused on the issues of education and staff development in various sectors of the economy. Professor Aldona Andrzejczak has remained the Head of the Department until today.

At present, the Department employs nine academics: Professor Aldona Andrzejczak, six Assistant Professors: Joanna Furmańczyk, Ph.D., Jerzy Kaźmierczyk, Ph.D., Joanna Schmidt, Ph.D., Bartosz Sławecki, Ph.D., Anna Wach-Kąkolewicz, Ph.D., Olena Shelest-Szumilas, Ph.D., and Assistant Lecturer Adam Metelski, Ph.D. There are also one full-time doctoral student: Madalena Głowacka, M.A. The Department has huge and diversified scientific and teaching potential. Suffice it to say that its staff consists of economists, psychologists, a sociologist and an educationalist.


Research areas of the Department of Education and Personnel Development include:

  • the functioning of the education system in cultural, social and economic aspects,
  • the development of human and social capital in macro- and microeconomic dimensions,
  • training management  in organisations,
  • the functioning and development of employees in local labour markets,
  • the  improvement of academic teachers’ skills.

The Department is university-wide. One of its parts is a research team for non-profit organisation management established in cooperation with the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. The educational offer includes subjects related to the issues of broadly defined education, development of self and others, and training management in enterprises. The members of the Department staff teach classes at all levels of academic education at the Faculty of Economics, Commodity Science, Management, International Economy, and Informatics and Electronic Economy. Subjects taught by the employees of the Department of Education and Personnel Development also include courses conducted in a foreign language: Managerial Skills, Cross-Cultural Management, Human and Social Capital and Macroeconomics. The Department staff members run Bachelor, Master and PhD seminars.  Since 2009, the Department of Education and Staff has supervised Postgraduate Studies in the Psychology in Business. What is more, since 2010, the Department has organised the University Teaching Course for the PUEB Young Academics in the spring semester. Since 2017, it has been also offering Postgraduate Teaching Studies.