Dorota Wiśniewska has been associated with the Poznan University of Economics and Business (PUEB) for many years. First, she was a graduate of Finance and Banking at the Faculty of Economics. Next, in 2008, she obtained a PhD in economics on the basis of her dissertation: “Discriminant Analysis in Forecasting of Stock Price Changes on the Warsaw Stock Exchange”. The dissertation was considered to be the best doctoral dissertation among those defended at the PUEB in the academic year 2008/2009 (first place in the competition announced by Foundation of PUEB). She also won the Individual Degree Award, awarded by the Rector of PUEB, for outstanding doctoral dissertation.

For 15 years (2002-2017), dr Dorota Wiśniewska has been associated with the Chair of Econometrics at Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy, where initially as Assistant and since 2009 as Assistant Professor she was teaching econometrics (basic and advanced), methods of forecasting, methods of cyclic and seasonal phenomena analysis. For many years she was the supervisor of the Student Scientific Association “PORTFOLIO”. On 1 October 2017 dr D. Wiśniewska has joined the Chair of Insurance (Faculty of Economics, PUEB).

The subjects of her interest are: quantitative analysis methods (statistical and econometric) and their practical application. In recent years, she has dealt with stock market anomalies, rate-of-return predictions, modeling of individual behaviors and preferences (especially, in terms of risk tolerance and risk assessment); modeling of house prices on the secondary market, consumer bankruptcy in Poland.