Secretariat of the Department of Macroeconomics and Development Research


Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8 am – 3 pm


Collegium Altum (ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 16) room 1014

phone: (61) 854-30-14, facsim. (61) 854-30-34

e- mail:


Correspondence address:

Department of Macroeconomics and Development Research

Poznan University of Economics and Business

al. Niepodleglosci 10

61-875 Poznan



Detailed information on contact numbers and e-mail addresses of the Department’s staff can be found under “PEOPLE” tab. Office hours are presented in the “OFFICE OURS” tab.





Dear Students,


It is possible to submit chapters of your thesis or any other documents (saved in a readable file format) at the concierge of Collegium Altum after the opening hours of the secretariat. In such a case, please put the documents into an envelope or a folder including the following information on the envelope/folder: room 1014 as well as the academic title and the name and surname of the lecturer. The next day contact the secretariat (phone: 61 854 30 14) to make sure that the documents have reached the addressee.