27-29.05.2015 dr Marcin Soniewicki took part in the conference MakeLearn 2015, which took place in Bari in Italy. Dr Soniewicki delivered speach titled "Interdependence between Forms of Companies International Activity and Use of External Knowledge Sources" and chaired the session "Knowledge Based Society and Knowledge Based Economy".

26-29.05.2015 dr Milena Ratajczak-Mrozek took part in IMP Journal WorkshopUppsala, Szwecja. Workshop was devoted publishing in the international IMP Journal. The event took place as part of IMP Symposium 2015 and was organized by Industial Marketing and Purchasing Group. During the workshop M. Ratajczak-Mrozek presented article “Foreign dependency of the Polish furniture industry – is there any place for policy?” (co-author Magdalena Herbeć).

27-28.05.2015 mgr Filip Nowacki participated in training in Innovative Company Management, which took place in Poznan. Training was organized as part of the project SKILLS conducted by Foundation for Polish Science and the Human Capital Operational Programme.