The Institute of Marketing has four departments:
1.      Department of Marketing Strategies
2.      Department of Commerce and Marketing
3.      Department of Market Research and Services Management
4.      Department of Product Marketing

The Faculty is consisted of 49 employees: 3 Professors, 18 PUEB’s Assistant Professors, 2 Doctors of Science, 16 Doctors of Philosophy, 12 Doctoral students.

The research interests of the Institute’s employees are concentrating on following areas: business marketing, non-profit organizations marketing, consumer behavior, consumption patterns, commerce strategies and structures, new product development, market research, marketing innovations and business relationships.

The Institute of Marketing has several laboratories that allow to conduct state of the art research. These are:  The Consumer’s Research Laboratory, ShopLab, ConsumerLab. Apart from these, the Institute of Marketing has professional facilities to conduct Focus Group Interviews.