The Department of Commerce and Marketing was established in 2009 as a result of a merger between the previous departments of Commerce and Marketing, and the Management of Commercial Enterprises. The first head of department was prof. Maria Sławińska (2009-2016), and was succeeded by prof. Barbara Borusiak who runs the department to this day. There are 12 staff members: 7 associate professors (Barbara Borusiak, Magdalena Florek, Wiesław Ciechomski, Jan Mikołajczyk, Robert Romanowski, Paweł Dobski and Bartłomiej Pierański); 3 adjuncts (Marcin Lewicki, Andrzej Szymkowiak and Urszula Garczarek-Bąk); and 2 assistants (Tomasz Zawadzki and Kishokanth Jeganathan).

Our main fields of research:

·         marketing management,

·         distribution management,

·         innovation management,

·         brand management,

·         quality management,

·         digital marketing,

·         neuromarketing,

·         place marketing,

·         consumer behaviour,

·         sustainability in retailing,

·         sustainable consumption.


The department has set up two laboratories: ConsumerLab and ShopLab.

We deliver numerous lectures and classes in the areas of Commerce and Marketing and Innovation Management. Students can choose from a range of specializations such as Basics of Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management, Place Branding, Innovative Product Management, Sales Management, Distribution Management, Merchandising, Quality Management, Marketing Control, Social Media, E-commerce, and many others.