Why study Strategic marketing on pharmaceutical market?


Pharma market is constantly undergoing dynamic changes. Aggressive competitivity and growing amount of pharmacies, including those in chains, make it neccessary for pharmacists to upgrade their qualifications in fields connected with marketing. What is more, altering law regulations concerning pharmaceutical companies' activities require continuous adjustments of marketing strategies. A team of experienced lecturers can supply the students with access to the newest know-how that will allow efficent acting for both, pharamceutical companies' employees, employers and owners. Let our former students' opinions justify the assessment, that can be summarised in the words: „summa cum laude” – with the highest grade! 


The goal:


- passing the most modern knowledge and creating practical skills connected with making and implementing development marketing strategies of  companies exisiting on pharmaceutical  market,

- reinforcing the skill of communication in teams, personal development, modulating leadership abilities,

- students' integration and networking.


Focus points:


- regulations, determinants and trends on pharma market,

- marketing planning, marketing research and consumer behaviour,

- management of units existing on pharma market on strategic level (product, promotion, price and ditribution strategies),

- company image creation and maintaining positive relations with others,

- communication, psychology of communication and presentations.


Our students:

The studies are directed to graduates and post-graduates from all Universities, who are interested in gaining some knowledge in pharmaceutical market's mechanisms, rules of creating development marketing strategies for enterprises producing medicines,  for wholesales companies, for pharmacies, for units cooperating with pharma market. Our listeners can be social and health insurance employees as well as pharmaceutical supervisors.