The curriculum has been adjusted  to our students' needs, expressed in research during previous editions. It has been contructed in a way to obtain the balance between classes conducted by academic professors and experienced practicioners. The curriculum covers the market mechanism, marketing rules and techniques  as well as pharma market law issues, the problem of medicines registration and authorisation, question of communication on pharma market and topic of assortment management. The classes are conducted in a form of lectures, classes, team works, cases and work with video camera. A part of classes takes place in computer class. 

Assignments to be accoplished during the course: 

- Pharma market: determinants and trends (26 h) 

- Strategic marketing of pharamceutical enterprise, partnership marketing (12 h) 

- Marketing planning, marketing research nad consumer behaviour (20 h) 

- Product and price strategy on pharma market (20 h) 

- Distribution strategy, pharmacy merchandising (11 h) 

- Promotion strategy on pharma market (22 h) 

- Public relations on pharma market (16 h) 

- Medicine management, pharmaceutical law (16h) 

- Management of group of medical representatives (12h) 

- Management accountancy and pharmaceutical enterprises' finance (11h) 

- Communication, psychology of communication, presentations (20h) 

- Seminary (24 h)