In  February 2017 Poznań University of Economics and Business was presented with the HR Excellence in Research logo, awarded by the European Commission to institutions which implement the provisions of the European Charter for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. It is a mark of quality which confirms that our University's academic recruitment process is transparent and that we create favourable conditions for academic work and career development.

Awarding the HR Excellence in Research logo is one of the European Commission's tasks carried out as part of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers, with the aim to ensure more attractive working conditions for researchers in the EU. This is supposed to increase the number of academic staff at European institutions. The European Commission supports institutions which implement the provisions of the European Charter and Code by organising meetings and discussion panels for the institutions involved. Moreover, it promotes such institutions among international organisations and researchers as entities that provide the best conditions for academic work and development.

The European Charter for Researchers describes the rights and obligations applicable to both researchers and institutions which employ them, as well as organisations which provide research funding. Its provisions concern working conditions, academic career development, mobility and academic guidance for young researchers.

The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers describes the principles of recruitment of researchers which should be followed by institutions that employ them to ensure equal treatment of all researchers in Europe. The principles stipulate transparency while providing information about competitions for posts, supporting professional development at all career stages and non-discrimination on any basis, such as age, sex, origin or language.

The ideas of the HR Strategy have found their place among the strategic goals of the Poznan University of Business and Economics. Implementation of the HRS4R Strategy, started in March 2017, is based on the Action Plan and covers the following areas: recruitment, evaluation/ appraisal system, career paths, motivational system, professional development and working conditions.


In February 2019, within the Interim Assessment the Action Plan was reviewed and the particular actions were evaluated. Moreover, taking into consideration the outcomes of the focus group survey, conducted among PUEB researchers, the new Action plan was approved within the PUEB HR Strategy 2017-2022.