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Andrzej Czyżewski, Ph.D., Full Professor

Head of the Department of Macroeconomics and Agricultural Economics in years 1999/2000 - 2017/2018, honorary doctor of the Warsaw University of Life Science.
The author of several economic expertises and few hundreds of publications and monographs on macroeconomics, agricultural policy, agricultural economics, food industry development strategy, integration of the Polish agri-food sector with European Union markets, agricultural incomes, rural urbanization processes and agricultural market organizations. Organizer and chairman of several scientific conferences. For more than 10 years the organizer of cyclical study trips to the European Parliament and the European Union institutions in Brussels.
Laureate of economic competition of E. Lipiński for 2005, 10 rewards (team and individual) of Rector of Poznan University of Economics and Business, several awards from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Ministry of National Education. Laureate of The Silver Cross of Merit and more than 25 other medals and decorations.
Supervisor over 1000 bachelor’s and master's theses and 15 doctoral theses in economics. Topics of seminars conducted by prof. A. Czyżewski deals with market adjustments of enterprises and institutions in conditions of integration with the EU. Reviewer of 20 doctoral dissertations, nearly 50 habilitation theses and scientific achievements in habilitation proceedings and nearly 20 applications for the title of professor.

Functions at the University until 2017/2018
  • Head of the Department of Macroeconomics and Agricultural Economics
  • Member of the Council of Faculty of Economics,
  • The Chair of the Faculty Evaluation Committee of the Academic Teachers,
  • Member of the Faculty Committee on Scientific Policy and Research Financing.

Functions performed outside the University
  • Advisor and expert of numerous organizations and institutions. Member of many national and international organizations, national and foreign societies and scientific committees.
  • Member of the Central Commission for Degrees and Titles in Economic Sciences for the 2017-2020, 
  • Member of the Economic Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences,
  • A member of the Polish Economic Association,
  • Member of the Committee of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development of the Polish Academy of Sciences,
  • Member of Scientific Council of Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics- National Research Institute,
  • Member of the Scientific Council of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw,
  • Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of "Agricultural Economics", The Journal of the International Association of Agricultural Economists,
  • Member of the Program Council of the journal "Economist",
  • Member and Founder of the Association of Agricultural Economists and Agribusiness.

Research interests

  • macroeconomics,
  • agricultural policy,
  • agricultural economics,
  • strategies for the development of the food economy,
  • integration of the Polish agri-food sector with EU markets,
  • agricultural income,
  • urbanization processes of rural areas,
  • organization of agricultural markets,
  • sustainable development.

Selected publications

  • Czyżewski, A., Czyżewski, B., 2016, Research challenges for agricultural economics in the new paradigm w: Bazyli Czyżewski (red.), POLITICAL RENTS OF EUROPEAN FARMERS IN THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PARADIGM . International, national and regional perspective, Polskie Wydawnictwo Naukowe (PWN), Warszawa, s. 18-27.
  • Kułyk, P., Czyżewski, A., 2011, Public Goods in the Model of the Agricultural Development: The Theoretical Approach, s. 445-454.
  • Czyżewski, A., Poczta-Wajda, A., Sapa, A., 2009, Financial Transfers In Agricultural Sector between Poland and the European Union after Integration. An Attempt to Define a Beneficent, International Trade and Finance Association, s. 1-18.
  • Stępień, S., Czyżewski, A., 2009, Changes in the Mechanism of Direct Support and Agricultural Markets Stabilisation in the Aspect of the CAP “Health Check” Proposals, Economic Science for Rural Development, s. 231-239.
  • Czyżewski, A., Kułyk, P., 2014, Changes in the system of support for agriculture and its macroeconomic environment in highly developed OECD countries in the long term (1990-2012) w: R. Grochowska (red.), Development trends in agricultural sector and policies - challenges for the future (Synthasis), Instytut Ekonomiki Rolnictwa i Gospodarki Żywnościowej. Państwowy Instytut Badawczy, Warszawa, s. 9-35.
  • Czyżewski, A., Kryszak, Ł., 2017, Agricultural income and prices. The interdependence of selected phenomena in Poland compared to EU-15 member states, Managerial Economics, 18 (1), s. 47-62.
  • Smędzik-Ambroży, K., Czyżewski, A., 2015, Specialization and diversification of agricultural production in the light of sustainable development , Journal of International Studies, 2, s. 63-73.
  • Czyżewski, A., Majchrzak, A., Smędzik-Ambroży, K., 2017, Land productivity and its prices in the countries of EU-15 and EU-12., Economic Science for Rural Development, 46, s. 228-233.
  • Stępień, S., Czyżewski, A., 2016, Economic aspects of the implementation of the Rural Development Programme 2014–2020. Reminiscences and projection, Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development, 4(42), s. 651-658.
  • Czyżewski, A., Staniszewski, J., 2016, Land and labour productivity in Polish agriculture against highly-developed countries of the European Union, Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Seria : Oeconomia, 15 (4), s. 53-63.

Research projects

  • Fabisiak, A., Pawlak, K., Kiryluk, E., Baer-Nawrocka, A., Siemiński, P., Hadyński, J., Czubak, W., Przebórska, L., Mrówczyńska-Kamińska, A. W., Szalczyk, Z., Post-Wajda, A., Czyżewski, B., Stępień, S., Matuszczak, A., Kujaczyński, T., Grzelak, A., Sapa, A., Fourteenth, W. Czyżewski, A., 2004, Absorption of CAP measures in Wielkopolska (against the background of national trends) on the example of selected support instruments.
  • Poczta-Wajda, A., Czyżewski, A., Agricultural policy in a globalized world. Experiences of highly developed countries as a result of the GATT / WTO Agreement on Agriculture
  • Czyżewski, A., Stępień, S., Cyclical fluctuations in the pig market in the world and in selected countries. An attempt to identify convergence and discrepancies.
  • Smędzik-Ambroży, K., Czyżewski, A, Specialization and diversification of agricultural production in the area of intensive agriculture in Wielkopolska (the study of individual farms from the county Gostyń)
  • Matuszczak, A., Czyżewski, A., The level of sustainability of agriculture in EU regions; An attempt to quantify.
  • Czyżewski, B., Majchrzak, A., Pająk, K., Czyżewski, A., Political rents in agriculture of the European Union - comparative analysis based on EU27.
  • Guth, M., Czyżewski, A., Diversification of the global and European milk market. Conclusions for Poland.
  • Borychowski, M., Czyżewski, A., Economic factors of the development of liquid biofuels sector in Poland and Germany after 2004. The attempt of comparison.

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