Article by prof. dr hab. Barbara Jankowska, dr. Adam Staliński and dr. hab. Piotr Trąpczyński, prof. UEP titled Public policy support and the competitiveness of the renewable energy sector - The case of Poland was published in the journal "Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews" (200 points, IF 12,110 in 2019). The journal ranks first in the world in the Green and sustainable science and technology thematic category of the JCR list.

 The article attempts to identify the key determinants of the competitiveness of the renewable energy sector in Poland, paying particular attention to the role of the support policy. The authors point out that the strengthening of the competitive position of the renewable electricity subsectors is supported to a greater extent by hard activities than soft measures. Thus, they provide new premises for the effective development of the policy of supporting the fledgling sector, which are renewable energy sources in Poland.

Congratulations to the Authors!