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Working Papers

Working Paper No1/2020

Tomasz Nowak, Katarzyna Wysocka
The direction of the development of investor relations on the Polish financial market
Abstract: Investor relations are an essential strategic management tool in each enterprise. Appropriate communication between market players is necessary to effectively address financial and economic challenges, the main area of interest for companies and their investors. The purpose of this article is to discuss the direction of the development of investor relations, which are forced to adapt to social, market and global changes continually. These changes are primarily noticed in developing societies in which individual investors are becoming increasingly aware of the need to invest in the capital market. The analysts, media and financial intermediaries also impact the communication between companies and the immediate business environment. The bodies regulating legal aspects of the capital market are also significant. The legal standards introduced result in equal access to reliable information for all market participants. This article presents the essence of investor relations on the changing Polish capital market using current models of conducting investor relations activities. This article also proposes the concept of a modern IR model, enabling effective competition of Polish listed companies on the stock exchange.

Keywords: investor relations, capital market, investors.

JEL Classification: E22, F60, G24