The current Department of Statistics was established in 1993 as a result of the division of the then Department of Statistics and Demography. Until then, the organizational structure and the name of the units in which Poznan statistics and demography developed changed several times. Among the most meritorious professors of the deceased, the following should be mentioned: Marcin Nadobnik (1883 - 1953), Stanisław Waszak (1906 - 1974), Stanisław Borowski (1921 - 1977), Tadeusz Puchalski (1908 - 1978), Mieczysław Kędelski (1946 - 1998) and Stanisław Wierzchosławski (1926 - 2009). 

In the years 2006-2019 the Department of Statistics functioned within the Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy, and from 1.10.2019 as a part of the Institute of Informatics and Quantitative Economics. 

Currently the core of the Department of Statistics is formed by: 
- dr. habil. Grażyna Dehnel, prof. UEP (Head of the Department),
- prof. dr. habil. Elżbieta Gołata,
- dr. habil. Jan Paradysz, prof. UEP, 
- dr. habil. Marcin Szymkowiak, prof. UEP,
- dr. habil. Tomasz Klimanek, prof. UEP,
- dr. Maciej Beręsewicz, 
- dr. Wojciech Roszka.    
- dr. Łukasz Wawrowski,
- dr. Hanna Wdowicka,
- dr. Kamil Wilak.

Moreover, the Department is closely cooperating with its former employees: Dr. Kazimierz Kruszka (Consultant at the Statistical Office in Poznań, retired), Dr. Aleksandra Witkowska and Dr. Marek Witkowski. The cooperation between the Department of Statistics and the Statistical Office in Poznań deserves special emphasis.