The celebration of granting the title of doctor honoris causa of the Poznań University of Economics and Business to professor Stanisław Gomułka

On the second day of celebrations of II Days of PUEB, on 21 January, at 11:00 am in the University Assembly Hall, during the extraordinary meeting of the Senate, the Poznań University of Economics and Business accepted to join its community Professor Stanisław Gomułka as the twenty second doctor honoris causa.

Professor Stanisław Gomułka graduated from physics at the Warsaw University in 1962. Straight after graduation, he commenced work at the Faculty of Economics of the University as an assistant to Professor Oskar Lange, the then key economist and vice-chairman of the State Council of the People’s Republic of Poland. In 1966, he defended his doctoral dissertation from "economics” under professor Michał Kalecki. Since 1965 his adventure with the so-called “economic practice” has started. In 1965-1960 he worked in the institute of research and woodwork experiments in Warsaw and for the two subsequent years in the Institute of Internal Trade in Warsaw, while at the same time obtaining the habilitation scholarship of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

In May of 1969 he left Poland to move to Great Britain. A year later he started to work at the London School of Economics where he gave lectures until 2005. During that time he was a lecturer and researcher in many academic centres, such as at the Department of Economics of the University in Aarhus in Denmark (1972-1973), Netherlands Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities w Wassenaar, Holland  (1980-1981), Department of Economics of the University in Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA (1984-1985), Hoover Institute in Stanford in Palo Alto, USA (1985, July-September), Harriman Institute of the University of Columbia in New York, USA (1986) and the Institute on Russia and the Eastern Europe of the Harvard University in Boston (Cambridge) USA (1989 August - 1990 January).

The majority of research and lectures of Professor Stanisław Gomułka concerned the issues related to economic growth, macroeconomy and comparative economic systems. The following items deserve special attention within his rich history of publications: Creative Activity, Diffusion and Studies of Economic Growth (1971), Growth, Innovation and Reforms in the Eastern Europe (1986) and Theory of Technological Changes and Economic Growth (1990), also as co-author and co-editor of: Polish Paradoxes (1990) and Abandoning Communism: Lessons on Russia, China and the Eastern Europe (1998). 

In the 80's he was a consultant for the International Monetary Fund, OECD and the European Commission. In September of 1989, he arrived in Poland in order to advise the new government on how to conduct the so-called state and economic transformation.  Along with Jacek Rostowski, Jeffrey Sachs and David Lipton he formed a team of foreign consultants to the Vice-Prime Minister, professor Leszek Balcerowicz, co-participating in the elaboration called “The Balcerowicz Plan”. In 1989 – 1995 he was also the official Polish negotiator with the International Monetary Fund regarding all macroeconomic programmes. Until 2002 he was an advisor to the subsequent Ministers of Finance and to the Chief of the National Bank of Poland, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. He was also an advisor in Russia for the Prime Minister Jegor Gajdar. Professor Stanisław Gomułka has since 2002 performed the function of the chief economist for PZU Group and currently he is the chief economist for the Business Centre Club.

The unique activity of Professor Stanisław Gomułka in the organizational field deserves special appreciation. He was a member of many organizations and scientific associations. Among others, he sat in the Scientific Council of the Institute of Public Affairs (1994-98), Council of European Integration by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers (1997-1998), CASE Scientific Council ( 1992-2000) and Scientific Council of the Institute of Economic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Science (1991-2000).

Professor Stanisław Gomułka has his entry in the  Who's Who in Economics (the second edition, 1986 year and the third edition in 1999 year) and in the biographic dictionary of the greatest (most frequently quoted) world economists.

While inaugurating the event, His

Magnificence Rector, prof. dr hab. Marian Gorynia, prof. zw. PUEB stressed out that over the space of time, the University managed to go through different turns, shifts and turbulences, many ups and downs - as these were a few as well. It changes its name five times in its pursuit to finally join the elite group of University centres on 27 December 2008. Almost a year ago, the University community celebrated this prominent fact by granting the honourable doctor title to Professor Danuta Hubner as the 21st doctor honoris causa of PUEB. The past year was abound in important facts and events for the University. Many of them were the sources of pride and satisfaction, however, there were also some difficult moments which we will not dwell upon under such merry circumstances.

Further in his speech, His Magnificence Rector underlined that the University’s tradition has become to grant the titles of doctor honoris causa in its particularly important moments. Thus, the Poznań University of Economics and Business cherishes this unique tradition today, celebrating its Anniversary by accepting to the University community Mr Professor Stanisław Gomułka, an outstanding, very well-known  and appreciated Polish economist as the twenty second doctor honoris causa. The title of “doctor honoris causa” is an honourable scientific title, granted by the academic communities all around the world. The cycle of persons who obtain this highest academic title is a unique one. The Rector noted with pride that the Poznań University of Economics and Business was granting this highest academic dignity to the prominent authority in the field of economics. It is a true splendour for the University.

In the further part of the event, His Magnificence Rector announced that the Senate of the Poznań University of Economics and Business, pursuant to the Resolution no. 36 of 18 December 2009, upon the motion submitted by the Councils of the following Faculties: Economics, International Economics and Management of the Poznań University of Economics and Business, having familiarized with the contents of reviews elaborated by prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Jajuga and prof. dr hab. Andrzej Wojtyna, unanimously decided to grant the title of doctor honoris causa of the Poznań University of Economics and Business to Stanisław Gomułka, professor of economic sciences, in recognition of his outstanding scientific achievements and his input in the development of economic sciences in the scope of macroeconomy, comparative economics and theory of economic growth as well as his input in the elaboration of an effective programme of economic reforms in Poland in the 90’s of the XX century.

Subsequently, the Rector asked Professor Emil Panka, former Rector of the Poznań University of Economics and present Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Electronic Economics, promotor of the achievements of Professor Stanisław Gomułka, to give a laudatory speech.

Having listened to the laudatory speech, the Rector invited the following reviewers of the achievements of Professor Stanisław Gomułka to present their speeches: Mr Professor Krzysztof Jajuda (a member of the Scientific Council of the National Bank of Poland), and Mr Professor Andrzej Wojtyna (a member of the Monetary Policy Council) from the University of Economics in Kraków.

While thanking both reviewers for the short speeches, His Magnificence Rector announced an official act of granting the title of doctor honoris causa to Professor Gomułka. Having accepted the diploma the newly appointed doctor honoris causa of the Poznań University of Economics and Business gave a 20-minute long lecture.
The musical setting for the event was ensured by the FEMALE CHOIR "SONANTES” of the Poznań University of Economics and Business, under the baton of Ms Hanna Malicka, with an accompaniment of Bożena Nalewajko.

After the official part of the event in the Assembly Hall, the guests proceeded to Room 111 A for the official meeting during which they could congratulate Doctor Honoris Causa of the Poznań University of Economics and Business.

After the official session of the Senate, the Rector, prof. Marian Gorynia, together with Prorectors and Deans, attended a dinner party at the NH Hotel, held at the occasion of the University Anniversary and organized by the President of Poznań, Ryszard Grobelny.