The official inauguration of academic year 2019/2020

The dignity of doctor honoris causa is granted by universities to persons with special achievements for the science. At the same time, it is a symbolic act of including the Honourable Doctor to the academic community. On 15 October 2019, this prominent group was joined by prof. Oded Galor, an outstanding and influential economist, creator of a unitary theory of economic growth. It is a true honour for the University to witness this group being joined by the world format economist with a significant impact on the scientific environment.

He is the creator of the unitary theory of economic growth, which constitutes the basis for the analysis of economic factors, that has governed the evolution of entities and societies in the course of the history of mankind. He was a pioneer of research on the interaction between the evolution of human features and cultural features as well as the process of economic growth; recently, he launched studies on the impact of the exodus from Africa of anatomically modern people hundreds of thousands of years ago observed differences in the world as to the social cohesion and capacity. His research activities inspired the analysis of pre-historical origins of substantial inequalities between various regions of the world, economic causes and consequences of the human evolution processes, cultural and language features and an impressive impact of migration from Africa on the richness of nations.

Oded Galor is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (literary diploma in 1978, MA diploma in 1980) and the University of Columbia in New York (MA diploma in 1982, doctoral diploma in 1984). At present, he is employed at the Brown University in the Chair of Economics.