Supervisor’s name and surname:  Jerzy Marcinkowski

Faculty:  Informatics and Electronic Economy

Department: Operations Research

Email address:

Office hours:  Wed., 17.30 - 19.30


Description of the seminar:

The program covers construction, assessment and comparison of investment strategies in the financial markets. It concentrates on measurement of investment performance, creation of investment portfolios, comparison of investment strategies, portfolio management in the case of selected types of investors, behavioral investing


Example potential topics of the thesis:


·         Assessment of investment risk associated with investing in selected financial instruments

·         Mitigating risk thorough sequential investments

·         Assessment of stability of selected investment strategies.

·         Impact of short selling on investment risk

·         Stability of correlation coefficients of  quotations: impact on investment risk

·         Impact of common behavioral biases experienced by individuals on investment strategies


Examples of real thesis:

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·         …

·         …


Selected publications in English:

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