The aim of the studies is to provide students with knowledge that allows them to acquire and expand their skills in quality management and other standardized management systems useful in the work of a manager in a production and service enterprise.
Subjects will allow you to acquire skills related to designing, documenting, implementing and maintaining system solutions focused on quality issues, constituting the basis on the market for offering products and providing services.
After graduation the student will be able to:
- design solutions adequate for given organizations in the field of quality management and use other elements of standardized systems, based on benchmarks from production and service organizations in various industries,
- interpret the requirements for standardized management systems - in the scope of quality, environment and safety management, including issues related to risk and opportunities related to undertaking activities;
- design, implement and develop management systems based on international standards (in the scope of key elements of management systems, quality and health and safety)
- independently make a diagnosis of the actions taken in the organization for compliance with the normative requirements and assess their connectivity and effectiveness,
- map, model and optimize business processes in the organization, in the context of the requirements of standards and the philosophy of LM;
- plan and implement activities related to the maintenance and development of the integrated system;
- manage risk within standardized management systems.
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