The 14th IComSC 2017 will focus on the following topics:

1. Management and product quality

 - Quality management systems

 - Food and safety management system

 - Environmental management systems

 - Health and safety management systems

 - Process management

 - Methods and tools of quality management

 - Product and brand management,
 - Product design

 2. Food quality and safety

 - Food safety and sustainability

 - Food processing and technology

 - Food adulteration and authenticity

 3. Industrial products quality and the environment

 - Cosmetics and household products

 - Packaging and logistics

 - Trends in ecological products and biomaterials

 - Nanotechnology and products quality
 - Environmentalfriendly products or technology

 -  Life cycle assessment (LCA)

 - Instrumental analysis of industrial goods

 - Prediction of products and materials properties