The faculty coordinator acts as a "contact person" for students and academic teachers and deals with the majority of didactic issues related to the ECTS.


Tasks of the faculty coordinator

  • helping the student in the selection of subjects carried out at a foreign university,
  • approval of the study program before the student's departure,
  • recognition of the results of studies carried out at the partner university and helping incoming foreign students in integrating with the university environment,
  • sharing information about the ECTS system among faculty employees and about principles of assigning ECTS points to subjects taught at the faculty.

Departmental ECTS coordinators


Field of studies: Economics, social policy, economy and law

dr Łukasz Kryszak

Duty hours: polityka społeczna i kierunek prawno-ekonomiczny

Field of studies: Finance

 dr Wojciech  Świder


Field of studies: Bachelor in Business Administratorom,Transition, Innovation and Sustainability Environments

dr Grzegorz Mazur 

Collegium Altum, room 1428

Field of studies: Informatics and Quantitative Economics, Financial Engineering
dr hab . Michał Konopczyński, prof. UEP


building CEUE, room 4.7

Field of studies: Quality Science, Product & Process Management,
dr inż. Krzysztof Juś


building B, room 1

tel: 61 856 95 31

Field of studies: Management, Innovation management
dr Maciej Koszel

room1119 building Collegium Altum

Field of studies: Accounting and Finance Management

dr Marek Kawacki

Room 116 C
Tel . 61 854 38 37

The most important task of the institutional coordinator is to create the basis for the proper implementation of the principles and mechanisms of the ECTS system.


Information on international cooperation at the University of Economics and Business in Poznan is provided by International Relations Office.