Erasmus+ 2018/2019 traineeships

Financing rules - traineeships

Financing rules for mobility for traineeships financed from Erasmus+ program budget
agreement 2018-1-PL01-KA103 -

The rules for financing the mobility of students and graduates were developed on the basis of the Erasmus + Program Guide, rules for the allocation and use of funds for decentralized activities of the Erasmus + program educational trips (mobility) - higher education and financial agreements for the Erasmus + Program project, concluded between the Foundation for the Development of the Education System and the University of Economics in Poznań and the guidelines of the National Agency of the Erasmus program.
2.University’s budget of the Erasmus + program for individual support for mobility for traineeships is: 52 800 EUR
3.The duration of the Erasmus + program agreement 
The contract is valid from June 1, 2018. until May 31, 2020. The mobility have to start and completed within the specified period of validity of the contract. In order to make financial settlements, the PUEB stipulated that the mobility must be completed by 28 February 2020.
4.The amount of individual support – grant rates
The received scholarship is intended to cover additional, not full, costs related to travel and stay at the host organization. The National Agency, based on the guidelines of the European Commission, in agreement with the national authority competent for higher education, determined the following scholarship rates applicable in a given edition to specific groups of target countries:
Group of countriesErasmus +

Group 1. –Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden600 EUR 
Group 2. – Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta , Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands 550 EUR
Group 3. – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, FYROM, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey500 EUR 


5. The participant will receive a grant under the Erasmus + Program for a period of traineeship abroad counted to a single day. For the purposes of settlements, the European Commission accepted that one month is equal to 30 days. In the case of incomplete months, the grant amount will be calculated by multiplying the number of days in the incomplete month by 1/30 of the total amount.

Example of calculation of the scholarship: stay in practice in Denmark from 01/03 to 15/06/2015 are: March (30) + April (30) + May (30) + June (15) = 105 days = 3 months and 15 days. The monthly apprenticeship rate in Denmark is € 600. The maximum scholarship amount: 3 x 600 + (600/30) * 15 = 1800 + 300 = 2100 euros.

6.  Financing rules of student’s traineeship of students who have the right to a social scholarship and disabled students from the PO WER program.
6.1. Traineeship visits of persons entitled to social scholarship and disabled persons are financed under the PO WER project: Foreign mobility of students with disabilities and those in a difficult financial situation. EDITION 2. Operational Program Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020 co-financed from the European Social Fund Agreement No. 2017-1-POWER-HE-035726 (only for students with polish citizenship).
7. Financing period
7.1. The stay in practice cannot be shorter than 2 months.
7.2. The university guarantees the financing of the internship within 90 days. The remaining period of traineeship will be considered as a period with zero funding. The university guarantees the financing of the internship within 90 days regardless of the number of trips carried out by the participant, ie one person can receive co-financing for a maximum of 90 days.

8. Rules for determining the final amount of individual funding (depending on the length of stay)
8.1. The final amount of co-financing from the budget of the Erasmus + or PO WER program will be determined by the university on the basis of a certificate from the host institution specifying the start and end dates of the mobility period (Certificate of Attendance).
8.2. If the student’s stay is shorter by more than five days, the length of stay and the resulting amount of individual support will be adjusted (student will receive a proportionally reduced final installment of a grant or will be required to reimburse part of the grant for all the days of shortened stay within the time specified by the university), or the entire co-financing in the case of a stay of less than 60 days.
8.3. Extending the period of stay of a participant abroad, certified in the Certificate of Attendance, may be recognized by the home university after the participant explains the reasons for extending the internship time at the home university at least two weeks before the end of the stay. The co-financing of the extended duration of the internship depends on the financial resources of the Erasmus + or PO WER program owned by the HEI, however, the maximum funding covers a period of 90 days. In the absence of funds, the extended period will be considered as a period with zero funding.
8.4. Changing the duration of the internship will result in the need to amend or supplement the contract in the form of an annex or unilaterally notify the mobility participant about the change.

9. Rules for managing released funds (re-distribution rules)
9.1. In the first place, additional funds will be allocated to co-finance a greater number of mobility (the number of outgoing on the apprenticeship). Applies to mobility participants who have received zero funding for the period spent abroad under the Erasmus + program.
9.2. In the second place, additional funds will be granted to persons who will implement more months (for which funding has been granted) than the number of months constituting the basis for calculating the grant included in the contract concluded between the student and the home university (applies to clause 8.3). In the case of possessing funds, the student extending the stay receives co-financing for the entire extended stay or partial co-financing.

10. Payment rules
10.1. The scholarship will be paid after the PUEB receives financial resources from the Erasmus + programme.
10.2Payment of the scholarship for participants leaving for the traineeship will take place in two installments::
• the first installment the whole amount reduced by a half the monthly grant after the delivery of the documents required by the International Relations Office (IRO), and after signing the contract,,
• he second installment a half of the monthly grant: after the end of stay abroad, delivery a certificate confirming the stay in the host organization, i.e.:
- Learning Agreement for Traineeships - Section to be completed after the mobility,
- Certificate of Attendance - filled out on letterhead by the host institution, signed by an authorized person and / or with the stamp of the institution.
- participant's report from the internship sent to the email address of the responsible person at IRO for Erasmus + traineeship (in case of participation in student traineeship, submission of the original Traineeship Report will also be required),
- completing an online survey (EU Survey),
- completing the second OLS proficiency test (if applicable).

11. The University undertakes to pay the first installment of the advance payment before departure of the participant to the host institution in a situation where the participant provides the required documents and signs the contract three weeks before the date of commencement of mobility. In the event that the participant fails to provide the required documents within the time limit set by the University, a later advance payment is acceptable..
12. The participant agrees to provide the documents required by the University listed in point 10 after the end of the mobility period, no later than 14 days after the end of stay abroad. The university has 45 days to pay the remaining amount or to issue a return order if such a refund is due..
13. PUEB reserves the right to make changes in the rules concerning the implementation of mobility activities undertaken by participants of Erasmus+ Programme. These changes may result from new findings submitted by the European Commission and the National Agency during the programme.