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Erasmus+ 2019/2020 study visits

Erasmus mobility in few steps

Formalities and documents related to the study trip under the Erasmus + program.

UEP carries out the qualification (twice during the academic year, application on-line ) and sends nominations to partner universities, however the decision on admission is made by a foreign partner. After receiving the nomination, the host university contacts the student directly regarding the application procedure, LA, accommodation, insurance, etc.

Application to a foreign university
You may need Transcript of records / Transcript of grades as a part of application docmentation. You will receive it at the Student Service Office (BOS) (indicate, that the list of grades is to be prepared in English).
You may also need the Learning Agreement for the application (universities require LA at various stages of the application). To prepare it contact with the ECTS Coordinator at PUEB for your field of study . A sample document and instructions can be found in the files to download.
(IMPORTANT: IRO does not coordinate matters related to the study path, changes in LA, passing the semester, etc.)
In IRO will receive a certificate of qualification for the Erasmus + program and the amount of the scholarship, a certificate needed to obtain an EHIC card - all you have to do is send an e-mail with a request to issue a document.

You should fread carefully the host institution's accommodation procedure (if the university provides dormitory accommodation) or find a flat yourself. Offices that provide services to arriving students can also help, they can recommend accommodation portals. It is worth thinking about the apartment as soon as possible, because their number is often limited. You can also use the apartment search engine, e.g. Uniplaces . Universities also recommend enrolling in a group on FB, contacting Mentor or Buddy (if the university offers such support) or the local ESN (Erasmus Students Network) section.

Learning Agreement
If a foreign university did not require LA during the application procedure, you have more time to contact with the ECTS Coordinator and prepare study path abroad (compare course offer with your syllabus). The document must be signed by the student, ECTS Coordinator at PUEB and at a foreign university.

Financing agreement
To sign a financial agreement (usually it is signed about 2-3 weeks before the start of mobility, in the case of trips to the summer semester, usually a few days before departure) you must have passed the session and delivered to IRO, room. 221A a document from BOS confirming the completion of all formalities before departure (e.g. completed exam session, signing of compulsory subject declarations, obtaining the permission of the study director for the mobility) and insurance declaration. Document templates can be found on the PUEB's website in the 'Download' Erasmus + tab (doc. 2 and 3).
It is also necessary to complete the online language test on OLS platform. An invitation for a test is usually sent by IRO a few days before signing the contract after the student's prior request by email.
The Erasmus + scholarship is financial support to cover differences in the cost of living, and not the real costs of studying abroad.
The university does not cover the costs of transport, insurance etc. 

The main assumption of the trip under the Erasmus + program is the implementation of the study path in accordance with LA. You can make changes to LA within two to four weeks of starting mobility. They must be accepted by both the host university and the ECTS coordinator at PUEB. LA with the original signatures and the seal of the partner university should be delivered to the BOS after the end of the mobility.
The mobility should last at least 3 months (90 days). If it is shorter, it will be considered as unauthorized, which will result in the need to return the entire scholarship.
EXTENSION OF STAY (only possible within one academic year)
Due to the need to prepare an annex to financial agreement, the extension of the stay for the next semester, should be reported at least one month before the date marked in the financial agreement as the end of mobility. Prior permission must be obtained from the host university and the Director of Studies at PUE, which should be sent by e-mail to IRO.
Prolongation of stay in connection with, for example, a later date of the examination session (a correction session is not taken into account) must be notified at the latest two weeks (preferably one month before the end date in the contract) before the end date of mobility specified in the contract. Information should be notified by e-mail with information from the host university confirming the later date. Submission of an extension after the end of the period indicated in the contract will not be considered.

After returning - settlement of mobility
After completing the mobility, it is required to provide the IRO room. 221 A Certificate of Attendance (can be issued on the print used by PUEB - template in the Erasmus + tab on the website, you can get it at the International Office at a foreign university). Please, make sure that there are no corrections on the document. Please check whether the dates of your stay match the dates on the financing agreement. If the stay is shorter, depending on the number of days it has been shortened, the second installment of the scholarship will be proportionally reduced or yu will have to refund a part of the grant.
It is also mandatory to complete the survey in the Mobility Tool and second language test on OLS platform.
LA and a list of assessments must be provided to BOS. If the date of receiving grades is later than the end of the semester at UEP, an application for extension of the session should be submitted.