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Erasmus+ study visits - formalities

Below are some important information about mobility formalities - a trip to study under the Erasmus + program. 

Partner university application: 

- grade list (TOR) - an application with a request to prepare a grade list in English should be sent to SSO - Center of Studies in English; 

- language proficiency certificate, if you wrote the test - send the request by email to IRO - does not concern students from English programs; 

- certificate needed for the EHIC card - send the request by e-mail to DWZZ (IRO) with the dates of mobility;

- Learning Agreement - should be established in consultation with the ECTS coordinator for your field of studies - IRO does not coordinate issues related to study programs.

ECTS coordinators list:,c10/wspolpraca-z-zagranica,c74/ects,c138/

Obligatory subjects:,c172/biuro-obslugi-studenta,c13199/mobilnosc-studentow,c13206/uchwala-na-4-rady-programowej-w-sprawie-przedmiotow-obowiazkowych-wyjazdy,c14256/

Learning Agreement:,c10/wspolpraca-z-zagranica,c74/ects,c138/learning-agreement-erasmus,a48328.html

Before departure the student should:

- obtain the permission of the Director of studies for the mobility - submit an appropriate application to Student Service Office (SSO) - Center of Studies in English ; 

- complete other formalities required by SSO; - submit a signed Learning Agreement (signature of a student, coordinator at PUE, foreign university); 

- complete the session (you cannot leave without completing the session, with a "condition", while you are away from classes - on the leave).

After completing the formalities towards SSO, about two weeks before departure, you must provide the IRO with a certificate in which SSO confirms that the formalities 

have been completed and the session has been completed (hard copy), as well as the insurance statement (hard copy) and bank account number to which the scholarship will be sent (doc. 2 and 3 in files to download). IRO will also need the dates of the mobility (from acceptance letter).

The start date of the study mobility period shall be the first day that the participant needs to be present at the receiving university. In case of study visit shall be the first day of classes and lectures, language course (which is included in the Learning Agreement) or orientation programme (adaptation days).

The end date of the period abroad shall be the last day the participant needs to be present at the receiving university: the end of the first examination period or the end of the classes and lectures.

Departure without signing the contract will be an unauthorized departure. 

If your semester abroard starts earlier than at PUEB you should write the request to the Director of your studies to receive permission to pass the exams earlier. With the permission you can individually contact with the proffessors and ask to settle the earlier date of the exams (see the study rules and regulations concerning the mobility).

If you decide to withdraw from Erasmus+ exchange please inform IRO and the partner university about your decision by e-mail.

Any extension of mobility should be notified at least one month before the planned (according to the contract) end of stay. 

Prolonging mobility is only possible within one academic year, i.e. from the winter semester (fall) to summer (spring).

The student should also remember to arrange transport and accommodation (the participant arranges it himself).

To download:,c10/wspolpraca-z-zagranica,c74/erasmus,c1999/do-pobrania,a90106.html

Contact with Student Service Office:,c172/biuro-obslugi-studenta,c13199/