1. Provide the uPoznan members as well as the potential members, for example – applicants for the upcoming intake, with the best advices for their study, career and day to day living

2. Raise awareness of issues relating to welfare such as housing, safety and security, transport, finance, mental, sexual and physical health for members

3. Appoint the Student Mentors and Class Representatives in conjunction with the Secretary, inform their responsibilities and supervise them whenever necessary

4. Collect the list of upcoming students from the CENTER FOR STUDIES IN ENGLISH and assign the Mentor for each student

5. Coordinate with the mentors to assist the newly arrived international students to take them from the airport, railway or bus station to the place of living.

6. Along with the Event Executive and Mentors, give the cultural orientation to the newly arrived students

7. Learn the members’ challenges from the Class Representatives, provide the best possible solution and/or represent them and/or forward their issues to the respected authorities.