STUDIA OECONOMICA POSNANIENSIA (SOEP)  is a journal published quarterly since 2013, as a follow-up of Scientific Letters of Poznan University of Economics and Business.

The mission of our journal is to create a platform for the presentation of research and exchange of both experienced as well as young scientists from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, referring to the current problems of the region in the context of the volatility of Polish, European and global markets perceived from the perspective of economics and management. The aim of the journal is to review current trends of research, scientific problems, original theoretical analyzes from the perspective of Poland and countries included in the Central and Eastern Europe region. We devote special attention to the problems of modern enterprises (in macro and micro terms), which are generated by the variability of the environment and new trends in consumer behaviour observed on the domestic, international or global market. We encourage authors from Polish and foreign scientific institutions to publish in English. Articles are reviewed on a double blind review basis.

ISSN for print version: 2300-5254

ISSN for online version: 2449-9099

DOI:  10.18559/SOEP


All articles published on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License