Call for abstracts!

Social media and its role in local government:
A Polish-German comparison


We invite you to the workshop which will be held

on December 6, 2022

at the Poznań University of Economics and Business


This workshop is considered as a starting point for a joint research project (cooperation) funded by the German-Polish Research Foundation[1]
The project aims to bring together scholars/academics from economics, political science and media science interested in interdisciplinary research on the topic above.
We welcome theoretical as well as empirical presentations.

Organizers: the Department of Public Finance in cooperation with the Public Economics Unit at the University of Kassel, Germany

Keynote speaker of the I Workshop:

Dr hab. Sławomir Gawroński prof. WSIiZ (University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów)

Abstract submission:

Scholars/academics working in this field are welcomed to submit an extended abstract of 500 words no later than November 14, 2022 to Authors will be notified by November 18, 2022. There is no participation fee.


Young scholars are strongly encouraged to present their work and discuss with us!

You want to participate without presenting? No problem, please apply to the same address.

Program committee:

Dr Monika Banaszewska (Poznan University of Economics and Business), Prof. Dr. Ivo Bischoff (University of Kassel, Germany), Dr hab. Sławomir Gawroński, prof. WSIiZ (University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów)

Local Organizer:

Dr hab. Małgorzata Magdalena Hybka, prof UEP (Poznan University of Economics and Business)

[1] (Deutsch-Polnische Wissenschaftsstiftung/ Polsko-Niemiecka Fundacja na rzecz Nauki