The main objective of the project is to stregthen scientific research at the Poznań University of Economics and Business (PUEB) in the areas of economics, finance and management science, and to increase the scientific activity of UEP employees in the international arena.

The research will cover the whole economy, taking into account the specificity of its individual sectors, financial system and various organizations, enterprises and institutions. So far, the process of economic changes has been analysed mainly in the context of globalisation, changes in the economic cycle or competitiveness of the economy. 

At present, more and more attention is being paid to changes in the structure and characteristics of the economy resulting from the implementation and dissemination of new technologies. The development of the digital economy is so rapid that it requires more and more intensive methodological and theoretical work, as well as research, enabling a better understanding of the mechanisms of functioning of the organisation and society in the new conditions. 

The conditions of the New Economy, contributing to profound changes - instrumental, institutional, behavioural and cultural - of individual markets and entire economies, lay the foundations for new scientific research and the creation of broad, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific projects. Assessing the economic, social and financial impact of technological change on the economies of countries, regions, industries or businesses and households is now becoming a fundamental task for economists.