A graduate of the former Academy of Economics in Poznan ( Faculty of Planning and Management) and Poznań University of Technology ( Faculty of Electronics).

He began his career in Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Oświetleniowych Reklama in Poznan, PRH, UB Rembud and Softlan SA.

In 1990 he began work in consulting, initially as a Director for Spółka Usług Finansowo-Prawnych Bonus in Poznań, then as Chairman of the Board in Usługi Audytorskie Andrzej Głowacki Sp. z o.o. and later as Advisor to the Board.

In 1992 he established Doradztwo Gospodarcze Andrzej Głowacki and became Chairman of the Board for DGA SA., a position which he holds to this day.