The team has developed a catalogue of tasks for the young people that help them determine what demands and expectations they will face when entering subsequent stages of their lives – choosing further education and entering the labour market operating within the developing economy 4.0 conditions. The feedback from the study will allow for identifying strengths and weaknesses and determine their development needs.

The studies will include standardized individual tasks and a group task. The tools are prepared in such a way that they could be used independently i.e. depending on specific needso one or two tools may be used or, in teh case of a holistic study, all the tools can be applied.

The selection of the studied competencies was based on:

* A report prepared in the project by dr Olena Shelest-Shumilas, The competencies of the industry 4.0 in the reports of Polish and international organizations,

* An analysis based on individual in-depth interviews with high class specialists recruited from enterprises representing highly innovative organizations operating within the new Economy/Industry 4.0 such as innovative companies, start-ups etc. (interviews and report: dr hab. Iwona Olejnik, prof. UEP, dr hab. Sylwester Białowąs, prof. UEP, dr Anna Waligóra, dr Olena Shelest-Shumilas),

* Three e-debates with enterpreneurs, representatives with education administration and high school teachers on the expectations of the future markets towards the young.

The following competencies were finally selected for studying the preparedness levels for the challenges of the digital econmy and for identifying educational gaps: