Poznań is known to be one of the greenest cities in Poland. There is an abundance of gardens, parks or woods that occupy 30% of its area. Close to the city there are Wielkopolska National Park and Zielonka Forest. Several of 40 parks merit particular attention:
  • The Botanical Garden (ul. Dąbrowskiego 165) which is open from spring to autumn;
  • The New ZOO – Zoological Garden (ul. Krańcowa 53), was built in 1974, is Poland’s biggest zoo, and situated in the park in an area of 114 hectares with 2.000 animals representing 150 species. There is a scenic route getting there by a narrow -gauge railway called “Maltanka”;
  • The Old ZOO -  Zoological Garden (ul. Zwierzyniecka 19), was built in 1874;
  • The Sołacz Park – a very pleasant park with two ponds; it’s located in the calm Sołacz district between Litewska and Małopolska streets;  
  • The Citadel – large, green area not far from the student halls of residence of the PUE; it is located between the streets Szelągowska, Winogrady and Armii "Poznań";
  • Palm House (Palmiarnia) Wilson Park (ul. Głogowska) is one of the largest of its kind in Europe and is the only one in Poland. There are over 17.000 species of plants. It has also accommodated exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and graphic art.