Autumn semester 2020/2021

Course offer in autumn semester 2020/2021

Basic information about courses:

- the list of courses for exchanges students is available in attachments on the right

- students can choose courses regardless of their level of studies/year if their Home University agrees, 

- recommended study worklad per semester is 30 ECTS (minimum 20!). Study paths containing courses for less than 20 ECTS will be rejected.

- students can choose courses from groups mentioned below. It is possible to choose some courses from one group and some from the other. However, please take into consideration that schedules may overlap!

The schedules for autumn semester will be available in September. In case of overlapping courses student can introduce changes to the study path at the beginning of semester.

Courses are divided into three groups:

1) courses exclusively for exchange students (recommended) - one schedule/no overlapping courses. Some courses may not be open if only few exchange students enroll.

2) courses from Polish programmes (as a part of different Polish programmes),

3) courses being part of English programmes (exchange students join degree-seeking students of PUEB). Available programmes: International Business (Bachelor 2nd and 3rd year, Master 1st and 2nd  year), Bachelor in Business Administration (1st year), Finance (Bachelor 1st, 2nd and 3rd year), Applied Economic and Social Analysis (Bachelor 3rd year), International Management in Emerging Markets (Bachelor 2nd year) and Innovation Management (Master 1st and 2nd year). Please remember that each year of studies will have a different schedule.

Syllabuses (descriptions of the courses): 

Courses from group 1) and 2)


Autumn semester 2020/2021


Courses from group 3)

Please note that not all courses from English programmes mentioned in syllabuses are available for exchange students. Please refer to the list in downloads. Courses on the list in italics are elective courses chosen by degree-seeking students and open in academic year 2020/21.

International Business:


Bachelor programme


Master programme

Bachelor in Business Administration

Bachelor programme


Bachelor programme

Applied Economic and Social Analysis:

Bachelor programme

International Management in Emerging Markets: 

Bachelor programme

Innovation Management:


Master programme