Product & Process Management (PPM)


The graduates of the PPM second-circular course have specialist and practical competences in the defined areas of product and process management

. The combination of managerial skills with technical knowledge and competences makes the graduate able to:

·         acquire, analyse and critically evaluate information obtained from various scientific and professional sources;

·         design new and develop existing processes and products (both material goods and services);

·         systemic organise and manage of production and service processes;

·         analyse the life cycle of products, processes and organisations, including their impact on the environment;

·         introduce and maintain a project management and/or cost management,

·         manage staff and coordinate the work of teems,

·         run marketing and business activities,

·         plan research and development work

on selected products and processes in enterprises.

The PPM graduates are able to work in an international groups, manage co-workers’ teams, act and think in a creative and entrepreneurial way, and use the acquired knowledge in professional carrier.

Product and process management course of studies are prepared in accordance with the European Principles for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, current OECD Skills Outlook and employee skills review by Economist Intelligence Unit. The program encompasses knowledge and practical aspects of natural, technical, economic and other social sciences. Thanks to the interdisciplinary character of studies, our students will be equipped with up-to-date, practical and multidisciplinary competences in product and process management.