Dear students and future talents,

You are invited to join the many young visionaries and forward thinking individuals who will travel to Luxembourg on May 10 th to participate in the Morpheus Cup.

The Morpheus Cup was launched during ICT Spring 2015 (Europe’s leading ICT conference) with the aim to gather young students of different academic backgrounds and different cultures to take part in an innovation lab created by potential future employers and leading brands. It is the first European university & graduate school championships and a hands on opportunity to show the world of employers what you are made of.

As the job market for young graduates is increasingly competitive, it is important to stand out through your extracurricular activities. Morpheus Cup would provide a distinction on your CV and give you visibility with potential employers and/or investors.

There is a €50.000 worth of prizes awarded to the winning team as well as many other presents and goodies to win (gadgets and other tech).

Jury members for last year’s challenges included, Warner Bros, Dailymotion, Mars One, FC Barcelona and the European Investment Fund. This year’s already confirmed Jury includes Truffle Capital (leading investors in Life Sciences and IT), Xprize (Innovation enablers), ESA (European Space Association) and Luxair (Luxembourg’s airline), and more to be confirmed.


About Luxembourg:

Situated at the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is a multinational melting pot as much for its industries as for its culture and languages. As well as being a big financial center, Luxembourg also drives ICT and innovation through its initiative " Digital Lëtzebuerg".

If you are among the many young ambitious and talented visionaries of your generation, do not miss out on the opportunity to improve your profile and make new connections.


How to participate?

1) Register your team of 3 members (before February 29th, 2016):

2) Select a topic based on the list below and submit a project idea by March 28th, 2016.


The idea is for you to engage your entrepreneurial spirit and problem solving nature to come up with a project answering to current issues revolving around your chosen topic. This could be a tech solution, a mobile application, a new solution/ product or a new business strategy, etc. This should be presented as a dynamic presentation of maximum 10 slides.


  • Business Approaches and tools intended to boost the digital growth of companies
  • Climate Tools to monitor and fight against global warming
  • Coding Project dedicated to advances in coding (utilities, languages, communities) and their uptake by developers
  • Design New approaches improving products, interfaces and living spaces
  • Engineering Contribution to engineering excellence and industrial redeployment
  • Fintech Services linked with the challenges combining finance and technology
  • Food Projects aiming at a better agro-alimentary approach
  • Healthcare Improvements in the patient/healthcare experience
  • Legal Disruptive services, applications and juridical platforms
  • Mobility Modernisation of automotive and mobility environments
  • Procurement Automation and technology is changing our lives and industries. How will the procurement function transform in this environment? sponsored by Vodafone
  • Sharing Improvement in the share of wealth and support of the deprived
  • Space Innovation in engineering and ICT in the aerospace domain

The next part of your participation* will take place at ICT Spring 2016 on May 10 th . This will involve two steps:

3) Take part in a general knowledge multiple choice questionnaire

4) You will be asked to take part in a specific challenge depending on your chosen topic

Please note these challenges will be designed by leading companies of the industry and will reflect on real issues and evolutions of the market.

5) The team with the highest score can present their project to the Jury members during a 5 minute pitch.


What are you waiting for?

Looking forward to welcoming you on May 10 th


*Please note we will not cover your travel or accommodation expenses to Luxembourg, this will have to be taken care of by your university or yourselves. Your meals will be included during the event.


The Morpheus Cup Team